Monday, November 29, 2010

Habits Die Hard

This habit started at camp....I still skip the trays...why? I don't have to wash them, the hospital's cafe has industrialized sinks and power washers. It would be easier than stacking my food up in my hands. I could spread out my lunch where I sit...either it's a habit that will be hard to die or somewhere back in my subconscious I can't bring my self to take a tray, cause someone has to wash it.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ford's Adirondack/Farm house, Part III

At last for my family and friends most all the house is complete. I have put up some pictures to show the progress of our once leaky and breezy home, to its renovated state.  Only the floor, a new sink and few minor additions to the kitchen is needed to complete it.

I've included a movie I did in the spring because it shows the cayous we lived in for good part of the remolding. My dad although doesn't hunt has enjoyed adding a deer and antolope head to our wall, he say's it makes it looks more rustic in here. ok......hmmm.. I am just happy that my parents are excited and happy with remolding after 20+ years of it. this year of remodling the house I grew up in will probably stick with me for life. the Noise the dust, the laughs, the aguments of where this or that will go, windows, that were put in, taken out and put in again, boxes and boxes of stuff moved from one corner to the next then again. The a log that was put in from camp Cherokee it's self. Tripping over cords and wondering why my toasted oats tasted like sawdust. 


coming in through the main door

kitchen area

the log from Cherokee and looking into the new addition area

New bedroom, if you can't tell mom likes purple

This spring as I left for camp I told my mom please when I can home at the end of the summer can the house be done. I was pleasantly surprised at the completion when I did come home. But alas..."Mommmmmm....where is....?" I can't find anything from paper, my shoes to garlic powder.

Friday, November 19, 2010


 Two things that interest me, is one the National Geographic Magazine and water. and guess what they had an entire issue published on water,  wow so how cool!  So anyways I thought I would share a few neat articles from the April 2010 issue. Water our thirsty world.

Health in Your Hands
The children are excited and giggling. It seems like a game—stand by a sink and scrub your hands. But in the poorest parts of Karachi, Pakistan, the lesson is vital for disease prevention, and the teachers get great results. After a few sessions, says public health expert Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla, "the mothers tell us children are constantly washing hands at home, many times a day.” And not just their own: "They’re making their brothers and sisters wash their hands too."
That ripple effect helps save lives. Washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds costs pennies—and when done properly, slashes the rates of infections, such as pneumonia and diarrheal diseases, that kill more than 3.5 million kids under age five worldwide every year. Recent studies of hand-washing habits in the United States and United Kingdom point up another problem. Adults—especially men—tend not to scrub when they should or as often as they claim. They’d do well to learn a thing or two about hand hygiene from Karachi’s kids. —Hannah Bloch

High marks for clean water
Retrieve a discarded water bottle. Tear off the label and fill with any water that is not too murky from a creek, standpipe, or puddle. Place the bottle on a piece of metal  in full sun. in six hours the UVA radiation will kill viruses, bacteria and parasites in water, making it safe to drink. 
SODIS, the acronym for the swiss-pioneered water-disinfection program, is now being used all over the world to provided drinking water for some four million people. "it's simple it's free and it's effective." says Ibelatha Mhelala, principal of the Ndolela Primary school in Tanzania. in 2006 her school started using SODIS to to disinfect its contaminated tap water, placing bottles on the buildings's corrugated metal roof. The result? Absenteeism due to diarrhea dropped considerably and examination scores soared. "Before we started SODIS, only 10-15 % of the children passed the national sixth grade exams." says Mhelela "Now 90-95 % of the students pass" _Mark Jenkins

Jesus used water as an illustration to salvation. If the swiss have found the simplest way of sharing clean water so that even children understand. How simple should it be to share the living water of salvation with the world? Just a thought...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Childhood Fantasy or Future Physiatric Patient?

  "What do we use teeth for?"  We, student nurses asked the preschool class,  we were teaching about dental hygiene. Smiling! Talking! Eating! Brushing! Biting! hmm...the pretty little girl with long blond hair and blue eyes, in seriousness looked at Sarah and I and said. "I'm half vampire, and I bit my sister's hand and tasted her sweet juicy blood."