Friday, August 22, 2008

He Know's the Begining and the End

This summer I had an accident where I broke my leg. It was the first time I ever broke anything so it was all pretty painful and new to me. And On top of that I was Working at Camp Cherokee, with Horses and gymnastics. lol as you can see I couldn't really do those things with a cast on. But as the Kids camps finished up the family camps started, I had contracted to work in the kitchen back in Jan. never knowing I wouldn't be able to work with the horses for the rest of the summer. However I still need to explain more of the story, I had wanted to work with the horse all summer but I delayed getting my contract in on time and so Pastor Dan, told me I wouldn't be needed because other people had already filled the spot, but if I wanted, he really needed help in the Kitchen for the family camps. I agreed but not to excitedly. I had worked in the kitchen the year before and didn't really care for it. But like I said God knew what he was doing. It also turns out that the Head Cook could no longer stay for the rest of camp right about the time I was to switch to work in the kitchen, and so the kitchen really needed help, and someone one who had experience.
I learned an amazing lesson from this, how much God cares about just my life. I know he didn't want me to break my leg but He had a plan for my life just for this summer, He knew exactly how I couldn't work with horses but I would be needed in the kitchen. You can never go wrong by trusting God. You may not see why things happen at first some times you may never figure it out. But so far He's never let me down, if I let him lead. :)
Oh yeah if your leg is pretty much better I have the cast off now and can get around pretty good. :D!!!