Monday, October 19, 2009

Peruvian prank or hola from amios!?!

Hello Hello....static.. I hear some more shuffling and I repeat more Hello's. I am about ready to hang up, but decided to hang on just another minute to see if the connection will work out. I hear "Katie Ford!" and familiar voices greets me over the phone. Yes can it be half way around the world I hear the laughter of two friends!
Ah two friends have decided to call to see what I am up to!! They tell me about their exciting adventures in the jungle and about the wonderful pineapples and mangoes they are enjoying with out me. Yep Andrew still runs however he finds that he must do it in the morning because of it being so hot. And apparently Ever thought my pizza was pretty good cause 5 months later I still hear about it. I ask about the Spanish/English lessons well I guess its a learning process. I can't wait till there will be heavenly language and no static. However there is one language that I clearly understand is laughter its contagious and just simply good. I figured out the mystery animal! ah so much to say in so little of time, we all want to ask a million questions from each other. I wish I was there even if it was just a day.
lol I am sure you are laughing as you read this Andrew and Ever, but I have to say that was about one of the most fun phone call I've ever received! :D