Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aliens from the ground up.

About 40+ wind mills have been arriving in my home town's hills. They have gone up so fast one would think they were aliens that awoke one night and appeared the next morning. I am still not sure what to think of them, for you see I love the grand view of the country hills with wooded lands and farms. However is the air, land and water not better off with-out fossil fuel's emitting their smoke? I do have to consider. The part I still find a bit startling is to see them with the sunrise over the trees as I head off school in the mornings...

The blades look to be 80-100 feet, from experience I an tell you that meeting on of these on the road is no fun!
 I grew up on summer nights watching the radio tower on the far away hill blink it's red lights to warn night time flyers of it's presence,  in a way I found it a comfort to know it was out there winking to me. and I wonder will the next generation growing up in this town find the windmills waving to them just a part of the home town's welcome...and will I as well become a costume to seeing the white blades turning above the tree line.