Friday, February 20, 2009

randomly cool pictures

Go the planet...:P

Interesting...and no I didn't use photoshop...

Wood gets you warm 3 times, when you chop it, when you burn it, and when you take the ashes back out...

"No!!not the camera"...

who says you can't be friends with a skeleton?...

I am fascinated every time I watch them...

As the dear that thirst for soul thirst for You oh God...

The awesome view out my window

Boys will be boys...He really wanted to drive it...

The snow drift in my driveway...

This guy got a little lost...

God, amazing, doesn't even come close!!

Thank you God for giving me eyes to see...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haunted by Hormones

I’ve been studying about the endocrine system for about the past two weeks and I’ve been lost in trying to understanding that the adenohypophyis is the same thing as anterior pituitary, and that GH hormone is really stimulated by GHRH. So this is a warning to you, continue to read at your own risk, you to may be Haunted by hormones as well after reading this.
I thought as I am soon to turn 19, I might be able to leave behind all those crazy teenage hormones, and never have to deal with them again. But to my great disappointment my A&P teacher stated nope, hormones play a role in just about every system of the body...and if your going to be a nurse they are going to be coming back and haunting you even more…”what!!” "No!! I don’t want anything more to do with Hormone," I cried, but alas I am forever to be haunted by Hormones.

So how what exactly are Hormones (H)?
Aren’t they those mystical ion that floats around the body? And only start to cause us grief in our teen years? …..they make us grow extremely fast, make us break out in those horrible red dots the day before we go out on our first date…ah date…yes Hormones that make us realize that the opposite sex…is so fascinating, but then make us break out in a sweat when we even think about talking to them. Oh and don’t forget those one that make us have those mood swings…H are sure to blame, right!

My text book simply states it
Hormone: a chemical messenger released into the blood system, to bind with cells and carry out metabolic activity. (huh? Ok that’s it I really don’t understand…)

Actually getting into the cell is more completed then you think…
1)the H comes over to the cell that has a specific protein receptor for it. 2) the receptor changes shape and binds to a G protein which displaces a high energy compound(GTP) Hint G protein acts like a light switch with on/off. Ok so still following? Don’t worry I got lost on the first step. 4) so now this activated G protein binds with the effecter enzyme adenylate cyclase. 5) activated now here comes cAMP (man, wish I was at camp) a 2nd- massagers, from ATP. 6) from there the cAMP actives Protien Kinases well the that just sends off all kinds of chemical reactions, and enzymes go to work.

How come the H doesn’t get lost? I have no Idea. Oh but wait that’s only one way for those H to work theirs still two other ways….

You still have the Steroids (that bind easily with the proteins) but the complex ones have to enter the nucleus, copy the DNA and make mRNA production

Wait stop how does this all stay under control? Hormones can’t just float around in the body jumping into cells when ever they feel like it!

The pituitary Gland right? Every one calls it the master gland.
“Nope.” “What?”...the hypothalamus, is the master of the master.

Yep, and I Haven’t even mentioned the negative feed back system, That goes something like this…
Something internal or external triggers the H levels to rise  Target tissue release more H. they flow through blood and report back and shut off either the Hypothalamus or the Pituitary gland, depending on the H.

Should I continue to tell you about the 21 hormones I have to memorize and their glands stimulation inhibit...what? Did you say your cerebral hemispheres can’t take any more? Oh come on this is only one page compared to 20 pages of my notes.
Ok but are you sure you don’t want to now about…

(Anterior pituitary) GH, TSH, ACTH, GSH & LH, PRL, MSH,
(Posterior pituitary) Oxcyotcin, and ADH
(Thyroid gland) T3 &T4 , calcitonin
(Parathyroid glands) PTH: increases Calcium in the blood
(Adrenal cortex) aldosterone, cortisol, androgens,
(Adrenal medulla) E & NE,
(Pancreas) glucagon and insulin
(Ovaries and Testes) Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone
(Pineal) Melatonin
(Thymus) thymosin

Cortisol, is reminding me I have a test tomorrow and that I must cram every bit of information into my brain so that tomorrow it doesn’t have to go into Fight or flight mode when the piece of paper is handed to me. While I am telling my estrogen to chill before I say something stupid to the good-looking guy that sits behind me in class, and my pancreas just sent out some insulin to take care of the glucose (sugar/food) I just ate, probably going to put it into lipid(fat) cause I ate to much of it. And Melatonin is telling me to go to sleep, ‘cause the lack of natural light is gone. But if I sleep, these hormones still haunt me, and I have dreams about the TRH releasing TSH which releases T3 & T4, which increase metabolic rate. And I am still trying to figure out how that leads to cAMP.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

You better watch out, I might run you over.

Ok I thought to my self, don’t tell me you’ve never seen a girl with a carhartt coat, barn boots, and able to drive a skid steer. Come on I live country, where girls learn how use the jumper cables at 13, check the oil on the car and if they live on a farm have driven more miles on the tractor then the car. Yeah and so what, if its kinda odd, you just learn how to do those things. Well these guys just kinda stared wide eyed at me. Whatever, I ignored them. They where wanting to buy a car off my Dad, but since he is in South Carolina at the moment, My mom and I had to take care of it our selves. The problem was I was to plow the snow in front to of the shop and my dad had some pallets of bee equipment in front of the car as well. I had to move all that before they could drive the car out. I growled under my breath why hadn’t Dad taken care of this earlier and why hadn’t they come a week ago when my dad had been here. Oh well at least I knew what I was doing. My dad had taught me how to run the skid steer when I was about 14. I am not as good as he is but can pretty much get done what needs to be with the skid steer.
I started on plowing the snow, and the guys just kinda hung around drinking some coffee and smoking, the one guy who didn’t seem to have to much in his head, stood right where I needed to plow. I tried to get his attention, but he couldn’t hear me with the machine going. I finally waved to his buddy and point for him to get his friend out of the way. Afterwards I wish I had just started plowing in his direct to see how long it would take for him to get out of my way.
After switching to the forks on the skid-steer I started taking the bee equipment out. At this, the guys seem to be a bit irritated that a girl could pretty much handle the thing. They started over exaggerated their directions that I could plainly see for my-self and they just ended up getting in my way.
Ok, is there a problem I thought? With a girl being able to handle a job that usually took a guy to do? I might be only 5’2 but that still doesn’t’ mean I can’t do a job. Guys seem think they can’t give a girl credit when she can accomplish something. No, they must always prove their Mr. macho-man who knows how to do every thing. However I find that Mr. macho- man rarely ever has any (I’ll put it in a nice way) Common sense.

Lol I am not classifying every guy in this category, but if I catch you standing in front of my skid steer, you better watch out.