Friday, December 18, 2009

Shoe Shine

A memory I have as a kid was a chore I had. It was my job to polish my dad and brother’s Sabbath shoes. I remember taking great pride in this job. I don’t know why I liked such a dirty job but I think it was mostly because I got to visibly see the difference of before and after. I would sit on the rug next to our warm wood stove and take the old rag first to wipe of either the mud or salt depending on the season. It always seemed my brother had the most mud on his(probably because he would run out side right after church) I would then take the polish and shine them till they sparkled.
Then the best part was when I proudly presented the shoes to my brother. He would give me a squeeze and say “Thanks Katie they look great!”
A simple childhood memory reminds me, always take pride in even the simplest tasks and polish it till it shines!