Saturday, March 7, 2009

19 birthday memories

19 – Got “I love you’s” from the people that I care about, and never been kissed, n totally ok with that.
18 – 18 roses and a Clear Word Bible
17 – Got a laptop/ was kinda Christmas present as well
16 - Scared my mom half to death trying out my permit!!
15 – mom took me on a shopping trip to the mall.
14 – went skiing with my dad
13 - my parents got me contacts
12 – Got balloons from my sister (I think that was the first time I ever got balloons for my birthday)
11 – I got my first curling iron and blow dryer…and I pondered what I was going to do with them.
10 – I got my first camera…back when they use to take pictures with film.
9 - I got some silly putty, and I wondered why they didn’t let me have this really cool stuff before.
8 – I don’t really remember other then my mom asking me what kind of ice cream I wanted…”cotton candy” and I still had to do school on my birthday.
7 – mom letting me grow out my hair (my mom always cut my hair short and I hated it cause my sister had long beautiful hair and I so wanted mine to be just like that.)
6 – picking out my own ice cream cake from the store, it was so cool!
5 – School books yeah real exciting, and Oatmeal (my favorite teddy bear till I got to old for him)
4 – a kitty cat cake! Just like the pictures In my mom’s cook book.
3 – my very own pillow case that was 101 Dalmatian dogs on it(funny thing is I never even watched when I was I was a kid)
2- don’t really remember but- the picture shows me getting a toy tractor from my brother.
1- lost in files somewhere.