Sunday, July 26, 2009

"I don't want to, Katie!" I had heard for the about the hundredth time, Well I don't want to hear you say that one more time, I growled to my self! and I am changing my name, its no longer Katie!!
One of my adventure campers had been wining pretty much from the day that she had arrived. And was trying my patience to the core. Each morning I prayed God please give me wisdom and patience for this camper. Each day I prodded her along, scolded her, coaxed her, sympathized with her and disciplined her.As I worked with her I began to think about how God does the same to us.
we wine we say we can't, we say God am not good I DONT want to!
But God says no you can't, but I can give you the power to. how much patience He has for us, when we He never tires of us being children is beyond me.Thank you Lord for being patience with this child. :)