Monday, April 20, 2009

Caving and My "Manly Head Wound"

I was was caving yesterday, and we were climbing up a section, and (since I am a kinda short, and the rock that I was trying to climb up was kinda tall) My plan of action was to give a mighty leap and attempt to get my body half way up onto the self of rock. however that plan came abruptly to a halt, for I found out really quick that the human skull does not move boulders. I had whacked my head on a rock above me.
After letting out a pretty loud groan according to what the others said, I made it up to where the others were had Morgan take a look at it. She's like "ah your bleeding all over the place." anyways I am ok, just so you know had a major head ache and now have a sore head but its all good. lol. Just thought I would share my adventurous caving experience.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

stick figures

Today as I sat in church, I had invited some of the younger girls who are all sisters to sit with me. Since there are five of them in a the family I thought I would help the mom out so she wasn't tying to keep all five quiet at one time. Plus my parents are out of state because of their business, so I've been getting pretty tired of sitting by my self, in the long empty pew. Ashley smiled up at me as she scooted in next me, and her two sisters Anna and Angel slyly peeked over at me. They sat perfectly for most the service and when the preacher started his sermon I decied to see if I could find some pens in my purse, to let them draw. My mom use to let me do this as I would fidget next to her during those long sermons. They caught on as soon as I pulled the pens out of my purse and bent there heads over there work. I smiled to my self as I thought about all the sermons kids have spent with a pen a paper. I watched as Ashley drew a picture of God on a cloud, she then drew her-self with her entire family, Her aunt and uncle and her cousin, and she added me to the picture as well. lol. Although the people were just stick figures and God didn't have any hair. Her picture was a thousand words. She knew the most important keys to life and she was only a child.
1. God, must be present and be the most important thing in life.
2. Family is a special thing
3. Love is the key to happiness. (each figure had a smile and reached out their hands to each other)
I'll probably forget the sermon on "working together as church" by next week, but I doubt I'll forget simplicity of the that picture and the lesson in it for a long time.