Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a few thoughts

sometimes when we go to church and they ask for money, we may think "oh their just trying to get my money!" but when we go to the store and take a look at the clearance rack...we never think "they are trying to take our money. oh course they are just trying to give me a good deal!"

The earthly things we buy and stock up on, well they simply fade away get lost, forgotten, broken, stained. these things never make me happy at night, I never lay in bed at night thinking, "I'm so glad I have this!"
But the money I give away, the things I give away, I always remember! I remember what, when and who I gave it to.

It is better to store up treasure in heaven then here on a rotting world.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What’s going on at the Ford’s house!?!

Arriving home from camp this summer was an adventure in its self. This story actually starts before I was even born. My parents bought an older farm house, with the intentions of fixing it up. However this fixing up process has been going on for over 20 years!
When I got home my parents excitedly planned their newest remolding project. Dig out the basement, add a PORCH! And add 12 FEET to the house!! Little did I know at this was really going to go into action and little did I know how many people would be suddenly involved in this project! And still I have yet to know what the extra 12 feet are for.

6:00 A.M.! (now don’t get me wrong I am a typical morning person, but I was enjoying having the luxury of sleeping in just a bit later than what I would wake up to at camp.) I am woken up to a very annoying beep Beep BEEP!!(and this didn’t have a snooze button). The construction men had come to dig a hole in my back yard with a backhoe and dump truck. Yes I said “a hole.” With the construction vehicles cluttering my lawn, tearing up the grass and boxing me in; I decided I’ll take my school books and escape to school.
When I placidly arriving home and thoughts on nurse/client care, I take a lark in the back yard with my dog; to almost fall into hole going to china. I skid to a stop at the very edge I peer over into the hole I see my dad and Teddy(who is helping us with this project) working laboriously away, “are you searching for treasure I ask?” they just laugh at me.

The next day after coming home from school I find that the hole has grown to the in the front yard and around the side of the house. I start to wonder if this going to be a castle with a mote around it. I hadn’t thought my dad was that serious about waging a war with every young man who comes to seek my attention.
However, I believe my dad saw that the dog may be more affective in chasing off the gallant knights than searching for a sea monster to put in the mote. And so the hole was soon filled in with brick, forms and cement, and the house had made progress.

Speaking of the dog, who is very confused at this commotion feels it is his job to saw off people’s lower legs to let them know, this is his house and not to mess with it. fortunately for most of the legs that were sliced into, are protected with work boots and sturdy jeans.

However the next predicament started with the windows. Poor Teddy has spent hours trying to level and square our windows, but that is nearly impossible with an old slanted farm house. The first set of windows he put in was of different sizes, so that it looks extremely unlevel. Teddy is a perfections and could not stand this so he finally convinced my dad(who is not a perfectionist) to fix the problem. But then my mom decided to take a look and added “why not just take one out and make this one bigger.” Ok so out come both windows. Now these two windows face the road and they are also the two windows that are in our dining area. If you know my mom she is an amazing cook and had lunch ready for the guys. Now remember BOTH windows are out and with PLENTY of view of the road. Pretty soon we see our (nosy) neighbor whom has been getting plenty of excitement watching our remolding project go up, come driving by. He cranes his neck out of his car window as he grins waves vigorously to us through our wide open dining area.
After lunch my dad decides the fastest way to fix the window’s framing is to use the chain saw! To mom and I this is no big deal…chain saw ideas is just something that dad does. However my friend Elizabeth who is also stay at my house had never met someone who CHAIN Saws through their house!! Wood chips fly every where as she stares wide eyed and yells to me to Come quick and bring your camera!!

So this is the state of the Ford’s house, the remolding and construction continues on and I wonder if this will be the last year our house is an ongoing project….

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laugh a little

The original stress reliever ....Laughter!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy
Job 8:21