Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Today, I looked at the back of my Snapple juice drink and noticed that it said proudly "10% Juice". I'm scared about the other 90%. MLIA"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's Face will I Miss?

Ever have the feeling you just missed it? You just missed your chance. The chance to say "Hey, do you know my Lord?"
A prayer I prayed in a hurry this morning cause I realized I was late for class. "Lord please use me to show your love today."
4 hours later and hurrying to the cafe to get some not so healthy food. I shivered as I tried to decide if the precipitation was rain or snow. On the walk I passed a women carting two bags of clothes toted down with a the weight of them or was it an unseen weight? We did the eye contact, glance away sidewalk greeting. The thought of HOT food was screaming in my mind so loudly, I realized 2 steps too late I'd missed it, I'd missed my chance to say " Hey you need some help? let me carry one those bags for you."
Oh Lord please give me another chance, give her another chance. I don't want to reach home and miss a face I passed.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Tea-ya apparently sounds like "Aunt Katie"...I find my-self amazed at what a niece and two nephew's can convince me to do. However it's all worth it hear them yelling Tea-ya and gigging while running out the front door begging me to come play. :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Paid in Full

Blue lights flashed in my rear-view mirror..."oh great, here it comes" I thought, as I had a feeling of dread come over me. This is not my day and not my moment.
Coming back to camp from visiting a church I had been lost in thought and simply fallowing the cars in front of me. I had not really been paying attention to my speed. Humiliated and embarrassed to have friends in the car as well. I felt like a kid getting scolded when the officer asked me "do you know why I pulled you over?" "I was going to fast wasn't I?" I answered back, trying not to sound flustered and annoyed.
He took my license and registration like they always do and then came back with a white paper. "slow down okay, and if you ask for to be reduced points I may consider it," he told me.
"Ok" I said. I drove off driving like an old granny going a respectable speed under the speed limit this time.
So I did ask for a reduced point violation and received a note saying accepted request, due fine payment of $150. well I wasn't excited about paying the $150 but I wasn't going to complain cause he had reduced my speeding points to a no point parking ticket. Paying the fine I didn't think much more of it, and just pondered why they never gave me a receipt but figured they hadn't come looking for me or the money so why bother.
Then I was going through the mail this week I found a letter from the Saranac village court. Opening it, was a note saying, your account was already paid in full. we are returning your money order of $150.
Paid in full? How? by whom? and Why? I am still puzzled and pondering who would know about my fine and why they would pay it. Or was it simply a mistake? do you think God has checks of his own? If the state wasn't intended to get the $150, than whom is? I do not deserve it, I broke the law. I didn't not expect anyone to pay for my punishment. Yet with the money I am now entrusted with, what purpose should it be used for?
The fact that I opened this piece of mail on Easter remind me of a greater payment that I owe. Do I fully realize the fine I must pay? do I realize the consequence of my actions when I commit a sin, "daily?" why do I take it lightly? I know I didn't take my state fine lightly, but it seems to me the fine of death is a lot bigger than a $150.
However when I realize deep my debt is the greater love, praise and rejoicing I have for my Christ, who died to pay, my fine of death.