Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break: Blue skies and Tall mountains(with lots of snow)

Spring break! who doesn't love spring break well it has come and gone for me, but my family and friends have been wanting to see some pictures of my westerly journey to the Colorado Rockies! Thanks to my two awesome cousins and Aunt I got to spend three whole days skiing in the rocky mountains, some time time in the hot springs and I even got some sunburn. :) 

exploring the "Garden of the god's"
You're impressed right? ;-)

just for the Lacelles 

now they picked a view to look at in the morning. 
just some of the mountain we skied/ boarded on 

now that's a mountain...

and that's a view!

Notice 3 things about the 3 musketeers. 1) hats are still on( hat hair)  2) short sleeves, yes we really did ski in short sleeves and tanks  3) our  faces are glowing after 3 days of  12000 ft elevation  (we forgot sunscreen) or maybe it's because we just spent 3 days having a blast. :)