Monday, September 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What is fun?

Ok so recently my english teach wanted us to write a short essay on what is fun. Lol I had a little fun with this one, I thought I would post it and perhaps give you something to think about. I never sat down and thought about what is fun? but after disscusing in in class seening fun in other peoples eyes and in mine I had a some intresting thoughts. so Heres just what I wrote. :)

“Having a good time” how does one define that? Webster will tell you (paraphrasing) having a good laugh, enjoyment and amusement. I do not see fun as a certain activity. For example you may get and awesome adrenaline rush that you love when you go sky diving. Instead I may be scared half to death. Fun is not simply an activity but must be a feeling, and an emotion. God has created us each with a unique personality, where different things make us laugh or give us a rush of exhilaration.
Fun is something that should leave us a better person not worse. I am going to take drinking for example people drink because it makes them feel good at the time. Alcohol however slows down the nervous system which can lead to making fools of them selves in front to their peers. They will wake up with a pounding head ache that makes it hard to focuses the next day, and they are simply burning their money up. I believe that fun is some thing that brings out a pure hearty laugh, leaves the soul with peace not addictive yet appealing to do it again, and able to leave the body healthier.
“You asked how is church suppose to be fun?” “I asked what do you get out of church?” This I believe can be applied to all the activities by how you look at it. Did you get anything out of it, did you learn, did you grow as a person. Going back to the question about church people look at church as going sitting in an unconformable pew, while the pastor preaches forever, people giving judgmental glances to one another and the feeling they are sitting in the presence of God is uncomfortable. These were just a few reason some people may say church is not fun. But what if I said God is fun. You may not believe He is none existent, but in my world I believe God also has a sense of humor. Why would He create in the first place the ability to laugh, why would He give us the ability to enjoy something with all our senses? He created us to create and learn. Therefore being with God in church should be an enjoyment in which you’re spending time with the creator of fun.